Pentecost Worship at First Church.


Mary Scott Borea and Pastor Benjamin arranged for a non-traditional worship experience for Pentecost Sunday. The basement was full, and the event was appreciated by all.

From Love & Protect: On Sunday May 20th, Love & Protect joined Dr. Melissa Blount at a sewing circle and letter writing event at First Church of the Brethren. Melissa has been working on her Witness Quilt project for the past year, memorializing Black women and girls killed by state and interpersonal violence in Chicago. For this event she centered the story of Siwatu-Salama Ra, a young Black mother and community organizer in Detroit, who has been incarcerated for defending her and her family's lives. Siwatu is currently 7 months pregnant, so we created squares for a quilt for Siwatu's new baby-to-be as well as a quilt to send messages of love to Siwatu herself. Folks were also able to write letters to Siwatu to let her know that we are uplifting her story. For more information on how to support Siwatu, visit the Free Siwatu