Meet Pastor Reynolds


Reverend Benjamin Ledell Reynolds, a native of Colorado Springs, has dedicated his life and career to using his God-given gifts and talents in ministry to serve and represent all of humanity. Benjamin believes that our theologies have to be reexamined, challenged and tested in order to fully realize the gifts and abilities bestowed upon us as a society. Deemed “The People’s Preacher” by the Colorado Springs’ Gazette, Benjamin has spent nearly four decades in active ministry and believes that life is a series of calls and that we may have more than one calling over the course of our lives. He feels the purposes of his calling still lay ahead of him.

Pastor & Student

After serving nearly 16-years as Senior Pastor for a congregation in Colorado Springs, Benjamin’s deep interest in an inclusive theology and continuing education led him to the Chicago Theological Seminary where he is currently a PhD candidate in the area of Theology, Ethics and Human Science. His doctoral studies have been complimented by a strong calling in pastoral ministry and his love of serving the people through serving the church.


For Benjamin, rituals are very powerful; the role they play in processes both social and personal must move individuals, groups, and societies toward greater freedom. 

Benjamin was ordained American Baptist, and has standing in the United Church of Christ; and is an active member of the Chicago Metropolitan Association of the United Church of Christ.

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Appointments are a wonderful opportunity for Pastor Reynolds to set aside time to be present for your needs or concerns.  If you would like to schedule an appointment with Pastor Reynolds, you are welcome to call or email. 

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