March 4, 2018: An enchanting morning of song and celebration

Continuing our Black History celebration, we welcomed a local Chicago treasure, Maggie Brown.  A singer and educator, Maggie carries the torch for her legendary father, artist and activist, Oscar Brown, Jr.    She led First Church in a celebration of our African American Music heritage, singing and dancing her way through history.

About our friend Maggie Brown

Maggie Brown is an accomplished singer, songwriter, actress, producer and educator.  She is said to be “one of the most fiercely committed artists in Chicago (H. Reich, Chicago Tribune).  In her hometown Chicago, Maggie Brown is called on to bring authenticity and integrity to whatever the job calls for.  Though her upbringing is rooted in jazz, Maggie is comfortable singing various genres including blues, gospel, pop and even rapping- with impressive conviction and flow.   It is hard to put Miss Brown in a single category or genre. It is however, easy to see that this seasoned artist & educator, not just another singer.