A Welcoming congregation

Pastoral Leadership - Rev. Benjamin Ledell Reynolds

Beginning in August of 2017 the congregation is being led by our Transitional Pastor, Rev. Benjamin Ledell Reynolds.  Very soon we will have a full introduction to Pastor Reynolds on this site.  Until then, you are welcome to call Pastor Reynolds.  If you would like to schedule an appointment with Pastor Reynolds, or if you wish to contact him either by phone or email, the following are ways to reach him, 312-780- 9228 (cell); pastorreynolds@firstchurchchicago.com. Appointments are a wonderful opportunity for him to set aside time to be present for your needs or concerns. 

Congregational Leadership

2017 Officers     Moderator: Annie Crump    Treasurer: Dan Dennison     Clerk: Mattie Allen

Servant Board    Board Chair: Joyce Cassel    Board Vice-Chair: Larry Bryant     Admin. & Finances: Erma Purnell     Congregational Life: Mary Scott-Boria     Mission & Outreach: Doris Scott 

Mattie Allen, Christopher Crater, Ronald Herin, Sonji Lusk, Walther Thurman

Deacons   Mattie Allen    Erma Purnell    Walter Thurman

Our Building Partners

Chicago Community Mennonite Church. a welcoming congregation that shares an Anabaptist faith and seeks to witness through word and deed to the truth revealed in Jesus' life and teaching. 

La Iglesia Cristiana Roca de Esperanza

DOOR. Our congregation houses and supports Discovering Opportunities for Outreach and Reflection (DOOR). DOOR is a gateway for encountering the city through the eyes, ears, and heart of God. They are dedicated to providing life-changing experiences for participants rooted in relationship and solidarity with local communities and neighborhoods. 

Wider Connections

Our Denomination: Church of the Brethren http://www.brethren.org/
District of Illinois & Wisconsin http://www.iwdcob.org/
Bethany Theological Seminary https://bethanyseminary.edu/
Camp Emmaus www.campemmaus.org/
On Earth Peace  http://onearthpeace.org/
Christian PeaceMaker Teams  www.cpt.org/
Chicago Community Renewal Society www.communityrenewalsociety.org/